Put A Bow On It: The Ultimate Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

When Christmas comes calling, with joy and excitement, it also brings an intimidating dilemma of what to gift our loved ones.  

We are here to brush away your stress and confusion. If there's one thing we know for sure, unwrapping a gift with jewellery is just pure joy.  

Everyone loves a little bit of sparkle! Jewellery presents are extra unique and memorable, and they're gifts that keep on giving.  

Whether you want to give someone something luxurious or add something to someone's Christmas stocking, discover jewellery with a whole world of style. From your colleague who doesn't know what they want to your best friend who deserves 'something very nice', these gifts are guaranteed to delight everyone on your list. 

Below we help you find thoughtful jewellery gifts for your loved ones. Warning: You might want to keep them for yourself.  


For Mom 

Mothers are super-special, and they deserve something extraordinary.  Nothing is ever as remarkable as her, but jewellery comes close.  

A classic pair of pearl earrings or Swarovski bangles has the perfect chic vibe with a dash of glamour.  






For your sister 

Gifting our beloved sisters calls for a whole new level of surprises. They're your biggest supporters and partners in crime that must be celebrated.  

Wow her with a calming yet fun gemstone piece or a dual-tone jewel set that celebrates your sweet bond.  






For the bestie 

Let the jewellery do the talking and show your pal just how much they mean to you. 

Pick something fresh & fuss-free. An elegant diamonte choker or a pair of chunky earrings would be a surprise she won't soon forget.  Or get a couple of matching delicate bracelets for both of you and celebrate your friendship.  




For your partner 

Jewellery is the ultimate fail-safe gift for your partner. The gift of style is something that a partner always appreciates. 

Choose something indistinguishable and jaw-droppingly stunning that she will cherish for a very long time. Think of a beautifully-crafter diamond ring or a diamond jewel set.  





For your colleague 

We all have someone in our office who is delightful, helpful, passionate and makes work fun. A piece of jewellery is an excellent way to show how much you appreciate her.  

Gift her a pair of delicate hoops or a necklace that she can flaunt with her 9 to 5 outfits.  






Whomever you're shopping for this holiday season – these picks, perfectly packaged, are presents everyone will appreciate. There is something extra-special about opening boxes filled with dazzling, shining jewels on Christmas morning.  

By the way, we encourage self-gifting too!